Sundown Adventureland


After a slightly early start on Sunday morning, a traffic jam, and all the kids screaming for the leaders to stop singing along to the radio, we managed to arrive in one piece at Sundown Adventure Land.

As 8 excitable Beavers and 4 Leaders (we were just as excited, but shh) piled off of the minibus armed with sun cream, bottles of water and our trusty mascot, our adventure was just about to begin.

And an adventure it certainly was! With so many rides and attractions to see, we didn’t know where to begin. So we headed straight to the park, where the kids and adults alike could be found on anything from the slides to the tyre swing.

After consulting our map we decided our first (and later our last) stop would be the water ride. Admittedly, in hindsight, starting (and ending) the day off soaking was probably not the best call, but it’s only wet skin deep, and we all loved it! However, with the sun blazing down all day we were quick to dry off.

Time soon flew by as we made visits to ‘Smugglers Cove’, ‘Lollipoppet Castle’ and ‘Shotgun City’ amongst others. I think the highlight would have been agreed to be the ‘Angry Birds Activity Park’ though. The little Beavers didn’t even want to come away from it for lunch! Overall, our trip was a success, everyone had an enjoyable time and the weather was glorious! Well, it was until the heavens opened, but by then we were half way down the A1 on the way home. So after a long day we returned the Beavers safe and sound (albeit very tired) to their parents.

We are all very much looking forward to our next outing, this time to the beach, in August with the Cubs section.

Katie, Beaver Leader